Project Name:
CTA Job Order Contracting (JOC 10)
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion:
February 2014 - Sep 1 2017
SQN's Role on Project:
Resident & Field Engineering
Project Scope:
CTA’s Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program allowed three pre-qualified General Contractors to compete over various mid-sized construction projects. Work Orders of varying sizes and scopes were advertised to the Contractors with a bid period of five days for smaller projects or up to a month for larger ones. Proposals were received for each Work Order and the lowest qualified bidder was awarded the project after the proposal was fully evaluated for compliance. JOC projects experienced the same construction cycle that much larger projects see, but at a more rapid fire pace. Each project, designed either in-house by the Authority or by an outside Engineering firm, went through the bidding and award process, followed by the planning and submittal phases, then construction and closeout.
Total Project Budget:
Project Delivery Method:
Job Order Contracts
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