Project Name:
CTA Ravenswood Loop Connector Signal Renewal
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion:
October 2015 - Feb 1 2019
SQN's Role on Project:
Resident & Field Engineering
Project Scope:
The Ravenswood Loop Connector (RLC) Signal Upgrade Project provides updates to the existing 40-year-old train control systems including new vital train detection, cab speed controls and three new Relay Houses on CTA's Brown Line service between Armitage and the Merchandise Mart. The Contractor is tasked with interfacing new equipment and cabling with existing devices with minimal impacts to revenue service. The design phase of the project not only addressed the technical design of the new signal system, but also the schedule, phasing, integration, and other planning related items to ensure successful construction. While much of the scope focuses the signal systems, the project also features civil/structural, mechanical and communications aspects. The Design/Build Contractor developed a fully designed and approved set of Specifications and Drawings prior to proceeding to the Construction phase.
Total Project Budget:
Project Delivery Method:
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