Project Name:
CTA Wilson Station Reconstruction Project
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion:
October 2013 - Feb 1 2018
SQN's Role on Project:
Project Management & Office Engineering
Project Scope:
The new Wilson transfer station project included the removal, realignment and reconstruction of the elevated four-track structure, tracks, traction power system, and signal system from Bent 7102, north of Montrose Ave., to the abutment north of Leland Ave. The existing timber-framed island platform the previously served Red line trains was removed and replaced with two new precast concrete island platforms and steel framed canopies that serve both Red and Purple Line trains. A new fully accessible station was constructed on the south side of Wilson Avenue, along with an accessible station entrance at the south end of the platforms at Sunnyside Avenue. A new auxiliary station entrance was constructed at the southwest corner of the existing Gerber Building on the north side of Wilson Avenue. All work was conducted and completed within a phased operational approach that provided for continual operation of both Red and Purple Line trains throughout construction. Much of the project was completed under a phased 3-track operational configuration.
Total Project Budget:
Project Delivery Method:
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