Project Name:
IDOT Illinois Route 120 Improvements over U.S. Route 41
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion:
April 2018 - Oct 1 2019
SQN's Role on Project:
Field Engineering
Project Scope:
This project is for the improvement of Illinois State Route 120 over US 41 (Skokie Hwy), Old Skokie Rd, Union Pacific Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railroad, Greenleaf Avenue, and US Route 41 to Knight Avenue. The project consists of 2 contracts constructed concurrently, and requires close coordination of the maintenance of traffic plans and construction sequencing. The work included rehabilitation of 10 various bridge structures along IL 120 in the cities of Waukegan and Park City, and the Village of Gurnee in Lake County, Illinois. The projects included the removal and replacement of the deck and rehabilitation of bridge structures, which was completed at the end of 2018. The bridge abutment back walls were removed and replaced, wing-walls were repaired, the existing rocker bearings were replaced with elastomeric bearings, and diaphragms were added to the bridge framing units. The projects also include cleaning and painting of the girders, removal and replacement of approach slabs, slope walls, and bridge drainage systems. The Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) during construction utilized temporary crossovers, temporary ramps, and temporary pavements which will be converted into permanent shoulders. The remainder of the work is scheduled to be completed later in 2019.
Total Project Budget:
Project Delivery Method:
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