Project Name:
NICTD Positive Train Control
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion:
January 2015 - Dec 1 2019
SQN's Role on Project:
Resident Engineering
Project Scope:
A federal mandate requires passenger and freight railroads install Positive Train Control (PTC), a command-and-control system that uses GPS and radio signals to allow computers to track a train's position, and slow or stop it if it's at risk of crashing or derailing. The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD), the South Shore Line's operator, is installing PTC in each of its 45 trains and along its 75 miles of track between Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. The new PTC will provide for improved train separation and collision avoidance, speed enforcement, temporary speed restrictions, and wayside rail worker safety.
Total Project Budget:
Project Delivery Method:
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