About SQN

Driven By Excellence

At SQN, we emphasize a culture driven by excellence and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way. Our team of dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled professionals is committed to project success, and we are equally as committed to nurturing their growth. With an emphasis on teamwork, objectivity, and continued training, our goal is to sustain qualified professionals who can deliver on project expectations

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Meet Our Team

Rozie Makhani, LEED AP


Brittany Dyra

Director of Operations

George E. Keck, P.E.

Director of Infrastructure Management

Kevin S. Loughnane

Director of Buildings & Aviation

Edward Scribner


Anna Hampson

HR Generalist

Waldo Acosta

Sarim Amin 

Kirk Askew

Sobhi Aziz

Caitlin Ball

Nick Barbosa

Ali Bayazeed

Mark Bonk

Scott Brave

Lloyd Brewer

Todd Bunnetto

Matthew Causey

Cameron Cooley, EIT

Eric Damalerio

Michael Dembowski

Katherine Gill

Jolisa Gold

Rafael Graham

Terry Hibben

Brian Horecky

Mark Hunter

Sonya Jasper

Carlithe Layosa, CQA

Timothy Jenkins

James Kinahan

Matthew Loszach, CCM, CQI

Garret Matchen

Paul Naftali

Oladele Ola-Buraimo

Sagar Perumala

Mark Reisberg

Ahmed Said, EIT

Lisa Solis

Thomas Staunton

Melissa Tetter

Paul Tomaso, CHST

Vickie Travis-Woods

Michael Tully

Brianna Walton

Daniel L. Wilson

Andrew Woodring, CCM

Steven Wright